LCN Mykosept


A fungal nail (onychomycosis, popularly also known as athlete’s foot) is a pesky, but common condition of the toenails. The nail discolours and becomes thick and / or crumbly and can grow in a different shape. In addition to being aesthetically undesirable, it can also cause pain symptoms. The mycosis also leaves microscopic spores, which can survive up to 10 years before infecting a new nail. That is why it is important to submit to a good treatment plan.

In addition to regular pedicures, you can also do something about it at home. The Canadian brand LCN has developed Mykosept, a tincture with chamomile and panthenol, to prevent and / or fight fungal infections. It has an anti-mycotic and antiseptic effect. Apply a few drops between the toes and under the infected toenail twice a day. Mind: the healing of fungal nails takes a long time. Loyalty to the therapy is essential. It is important to treat every day and not to skip it, this leads to delays. Healing can take up to 9 months or to 2-3 years.